Jake Mulley

AngularJS Developer

When we initially hired Jake at Mindwork Labs we knew, because of his age, we would be taking a gamble. But through Jake's ability to pick up new front end frameworks and techniques quickly, and his tenacity to learn new things and take in new information, we realised we'd made the right choice.

Jake is a great team player and will thrive in any environment, especially one where he is given the opportunity to learn.


With other UX tools offering an abundance of options in already-bloated pieces of software, Rpdly aims to be a rapid prototyping tool without all the bloat. Offering wireframes in the cloud, it provides a simple way to create and share prototypes with clients.

Coming 2017

Is There WiFi?

After an afternoon exploring London, a friend, Ben Reyes, and I were looking for a WiFi hotspot nearby to use our laptops (since tethering is expensive, and not everyone has an unlimited data plan) - when we could only find clunky, hard to use websites that sourced these for us. Then – Is There WiFi? was born.

Coming 2017


During the England riots of 2011, RiotCleanup was created to spread information of what towns and cities needed to be cleaned up due to disruption around the United Kingdom.

With 100,000 volunteers signed up to the then-dubbed “Broom Army”, the five days from August 6th to August 11th were an extremely successful and uplifting time for communities across the UK. Most areas were attended and cleaned up within two days, and smaller, less critical areas in the following three days. RiotCleanup was nominated and subsequently won a place in the finals for the BT Community Impact Award at the 2012 Technology 4 Good Awards.